What Are Our Values

We choose to forgive.

We keep our word (or we don’t give it).

We love and pray for those who hate us.

We work out differences at the lowest level possible.

We conduct all business affairs with honesty and integrity.

We do not criticize other ministers or ministries, but we pray for them.

We do not worry about anything, but pray and believe God for everything.

We are committed to being a debt-free ministry, owing no man anything but love.

We seek to do all things pleasing unto the Lord and seek His direction and guidance in all things.

We walk in love, speak the truth in love and teach, rebuke, correct and train in love with the word of God.

We require the continual Presence of the Lord and His Lordship over every service and every meeting as a necessity.

No one will be made to feel unwelcome because of their outward appearance, but everyone will be greeted with the love of Christ.

We consider giving (out of all of our resources) to be a great blessing to be embraced and practiced continually by all believers.

We consider tithing to be a privilege and an honor: another opportunity to express our deep and sincere love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.