Suggestions for Success

  1. Cultivate an intimate relationship with the Lord daily.  Talk with Him just as you would talk to your best friend.  Let Him know how you’re feeling and what things you’ve been thinking about.  Let Him know how much you love Him.  Ask Him what’s on His mind.  Ask if there’s anything you can do for Him.  You may say, “God already knows all of that stuff.  Why should I do that?”  That would be the same as a husband who told his wife that he loves her when he proposed to her, but hasn’t told her again in twenty years; or a husband who never talked to his wife or showed any interest in her.  I guarantee that would be one unhappy wife.  Communication builds intimacy.

  2. Spend some quiet time just sitting in the Presence of the Lord.  Give Him the opportunity to talk with you, to show you things, to fellowship with you, to give you direction.  Allow Him to show you what’s on His heart.

  3. Ask the Lord to search your heart and to reveal and remove anything in you that’s not like Him.  Ask Him to open your eyes to see things as He sees them.

  4. Rely on the Holy Spirit to help you.  Ask for His help when you pray.  He’s not only your Comforter, but also your teacher.  And He will even pray through you when you don’t know what to pray.

  5. Create a daily word confession.  Ask the Lord to help you with this and He will lead you to the scriptures that you need to put in your heart and speak out of your mouth.

  6. Take your dominion and authority daily.  Know who you are in Christ and what you are authorized to do.  Spend time reading and meditating on the word of God.

  7. Find a God-ordained prayer partner (or partners) that you can pray with in trust, confidence and agreement.  Ask the Lord for them. 

  8. Ask the Lord to lead you to a Bible-believing church.  The Lord assigns you to your pastor.  Keep attendance regularly and learn to recognize the voice of the Lord through your pastor. 

  9. Meditate on the goodness of the Lord and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.  Thank Him for His love and His blessings.  Thank Him for being Who He is.  Sing praises to Him and shower Him with true love and affection.

  10. Ask Him for revelation, wisdom and comprehension daily.

  11. Keep yourself from being defiled and guard the gates of your heart.  Check what you watch, what you listen to, what you speak and with whom you fellowship.  What are you feeding into your spirit?  Is it building hope and faith or doubt and fear?

  12. Keep records of what you have sown, where you have sown and what you have named your seeds.

  13. When you begin to prosper, don’t put your trust in money.  Keep trusting the Lord.

  14. Whatever the Lord tells you to do, do it.