Purpose continued

Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive.  But you’ve got to receive at some point so that you’ll have something to give.  It’s time to use this class action judgment as the basis for your claims against the enemy.  It’s based on the Word of God.  It’s backed by all the forces of heaven.  Our requests have been granted.  It’s time to MAKE THE DEVIL PAY! 

There is also another reason why a class action was needed.  We’ve been standing against the enemy individually, and sometimes in groups of varying size.  But what was needed was for us to stand against the enemy as ONE, UNITED, in ONE SPIRIT, of ONE MIND, in ONE ACCORD, along with ALL the saints in heaven, to obtain a legal and binding judgment on behalf of us ALL against the kingdom of darkness for ALL of their atrocities since the beginning of time.  As we come together in unity, the power increases exponentially.  If five of us can chase a hundred, and a hundred can put ten thousand to flight, what can millions of us do (Lev. 26:8)?  Those of us who KNOW who we are in Christ and what belongs to us must stand in the gap for our brethren who do not yet know these things.  Remember, at some point, WE did not know these things.  As we receive on their behalf, we can send preachers and teachers to them, and we can give to them those portions that the Lord entrusts into our hands for them.  Just think of it!  What has the enemy stolen from your ancestors?  That was part of your inheritance!  What has the enemy stolen from you?  This is the end of the end time and the harvest is ripe.  It’s time to receive EVERYTHING that Jesus paid for on the cross!