One morning, in the summer of 2003, I was talking to the Lord as I was getting ready to go to work.  I had been pondering the numerous evil acts of the enemy and I said something like, “You know, Lord, we ought to just sue the devil.”  No sooner than those words left my mouth that a powerful anointing began to pour out on me, and I knew what the Lord wanted me to do: to come before the heavenly court and file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the Body of Christ against the devil.  So after some library research, the Holy Spirit and I began writing the enclosed document.  This entire document is based upon the Bible, the word of the Living God.  It’s the very foundation of it, and it comes from the very heart of God. 

It took several months to complete, but it was an urgent and serious matter to the Lord.  After completion, I submitted it to my prayer partners for prayer and review, not only of the contents of the document, but also of the list of those who were to sign the document at that time.  This resulted in some editing, more prayer, and more revisions until the final draft was completed.  Copies were made and sent to the potential signers, who reviewed it with prayer.  Upon their agreement, both to its contents and to the great responsibilities of it as a signer, the original was hand-carried to each to sign.  Each was given a copy to uphold in prayer.

When I went before the heavenly court to present our case, I read the entire document before our King Who sat upon His throne.  In attendance was Satan, the twenty-four elders, numerous angels and other beings that I cannot describe.  I also had a sense that this event was being witnessed by a great company of believers in heaven.  After presenting our case, I saw an angel seated in the center of a room at a high desk or table with a slanted top.  This room was filled with books and he began to search through them.  I knew that he was researching the details of all of the claims made in the lawsuit. 

It was sometime in the next year of 2004 that the Lord revealed that our petition had been approved by the council in heaven.  There would be other signers of the petition at the leading of the Lord.  But He did not lead us to anyone during that year.  The next few signers would come in 2005.  In this year, the Lord showed me a vision.  I saw our petition grow wings and fly around the world over and over again.  By 2006, the Lord began to reveal others that He wanted to sign the petition. 

It was shortly thereafter that I realized that this document continues to evolve as the Lord reveals more territory that needs to be addressed and legally obtained.  This class action lawsuit does not just seek to restore our earthly possessions and authority, and recompense wrongs suffered, but also those possessions and authority in the heavenly realms (i.e., the first and the second heavens, 2 Cor. 12:2) over which God always intended man to rule (Heb. 2:5-8; Ps. 8:4-6).

I believe this is the season that the Lord will bring this class action lawsuit to the attention of the Body of Christ; not because they need to sign it, but because all who are qualified can agree with it and use it as legal grounds to receive all that rightfully belongs to them, enabling them and many others to fulfill their God-given destinies.  Consider this your notification that you are a part of this lawsuit that has been filed, judged and approved on your behalf.