Disqualifcations continued...

Let me give you a personal example from my own life.  About four years ago, I needed some new tires.  So as I was comparing tires and prices over the internet, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said “Wait for those tires.”  I didn’t understand why I needed to wait, but I obeyed the Lord.  A few hours later, I received a phone call from a friend who said the Lord spoke to her and told her and her husband to buy four new tires for me.  I was thrilled and by that evening, the new tires were on my car.  I used the receipt as a point of contact and prayed for this couple to receive the hundred-fold return on their seed.  About six months later, the Lord gave me a list of individuals and ministries that I was to bless financially, along with the amount of money I was to give to each.  At the time, I was living from paycheck to paycheck, but I believed God for that money to come in.  On that list of people was the couple who had bought the tires for me.  He had directed me to give them forty thousand dollars (exactly one hundred times what they had sown).  The money manifested about eighteen months later.  Here’s where this story makes an interesting turn.

During that eighteen month period (between the time the Lord first gave me the list and the time the money was actually in my hands) the Lord edited that list two times, until the third draft of that list became the final draft.  I watched as the Lord increased the amounts I was to give to certain individuals, the Lord decreased the amounts I was to give to other individuals, and the Lord removed some individuals altogether!  He never told me why He made the changes He made and I never asked, because I believed I already knew.  A friend of mine said to me, “The Lord didn’t take them off of that list.  They took themselves off of that list!”  I have to agree.  I believe the Lord was watching these people (as He watches and assesses ALL of us to see if we are consistently obedient, trustworthy, faithful, etc.).  Whatever He observed brought increase to some, decrease to some and removal to others.  The couple who had bought those tires for me ended up receiving thirty thousand dollars instead of the forty thousand dollars that the Lord had originally intended.  Granted, that was still a seventy-five-fold return, but isn’t one hundred-fold better?  Think about the people who were dropped off of this list altogether.  Disobedience may have been the deciding factor.

I recently had another similar experience.  About six or seven months ago, I knew I needed new tires again.  I was just thinking about going to buy them when the Lord said “No.”  At the time He didn’t say why not, so I just obeyed and trusted the Lord to “keep” me safe with what I had until His purpose became known.  I was going to church several weeks later when the Lord put those tires in my spirit again.  So again I told the Lord I was just trusting Him to take care of me.  Later, in the church parking lot, the Lord had someone point out to me that my tires were in deep trouble.  I no longer had the money to buy them, so I just released my faith for four new tires and commanded them to come in.  I was actually expecting them within a week because of a lot of driving I needed to do the following weekend.  And I actually saw the new tires on my car in the spirit.  When they didn’t materialize, I asked the Lord what was up.  He said one word: disobedience.  I knew He wasn’t taking about me (I checked).  He was referring to someone whom He had directed to buy those tires for me, but they did not obey.  So my prayer partners and I began serious intercession on behalf of that person, until several weeks later when the Lord told me they were not going to obey.  I still knew I had my new tires, but now I had to press in on my faith for God to preserve and protect me until He found someone to obey.  Within a week my new tires manifested.  But I was curious because I knew the only reason the Lord didn’t want me to buy my own tires was that He wanted to set up somebody else for a big blessing.  Let me be clear about this.  I’m not saying not to buy the things you need, but be sure to listen to the Lord and obey Him.  He may want to use you to bless somebody else.  Anyway, I knew the first person had lost the particular blessing associated with giving those tires (through disobedience) and that the second person would now receive that blessing (through obedience). 

Disobedience delays the blessings for some and completely severs the blessings for others.  God is still obligated to take care of you (if you’ll trust Him to), but your blessing may be delayed.  It’s up to us to believe God for our needs to be met, but it’s up to Him how He meets those needs.  God knew that person was going to disobey, but for His own reasons, He wanted to give that person repeated opportunities to obey Him.  So that means He will have to sustain us, perhaps with abundant favor, until He gets done what He wants done the way He wants it done.  Yet we also must realize that we are living in an accelerated period of time, and because we are in a different season, God can only allow so much time to get done what must be done.  We must learn to be quick to obey and realize there is always a cost to disobedience.

Let’s take a look at some of the consequences of disobedience from the Word.