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Written and/or published by Brother James

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  1. The 1949 Revival at the Hebrides Islands [48-pages]
  2. A book that Exposes Religious Deception [55 pages] [English or Nepali language]
  3. A biography of John Newton, a slave trader [20 pages]
  4. A biography of Tom Skinner   Street gang leader from Harlem, NY--58 pag
  5. Wise Sayings [70 pages]
  6. The WOW Anointing  —a collection of some very interesting articles [44 pages]
  7. Harriet Tubman — Leader in the underground railroad in pre-Civil War times [23 pages].
  8. Anointed Children—A 52-page booklet about children in ministry/miracles/healings/prophecies
  9. The Mighty Babylon Has Fallen —covers 6 chapters of the Book of Revelation – [69 pages]
  10. A Vision of Hell, by John Bunyan, the author of Pilgrim’s Progress [23 pages]
  11. I Forgot to Hang Myself  The testimony of a former Satan worshiper. [22 pages]
  12. A book containing several outstanding Prophecies which have already happened. [55 pages]
  13. A revival in Zululand has already lasted 40 years and is still on-going—28 pages
  14. A Politically Incorrect Reformer—Pandita Ramabai of India [28 pages]
  15. Samuel Morris was a teenager born in an African jungle. [22 pages]
  16. Dora Van Assen – A saint with an unbelieving husband. Guess what happened to him? [27 pages]
  17. Marie Monsen and the Chinese pirates [32 pages]
  18. Life & Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh This 40-page book has an 11-page biography/testimony. The rest of the book is a series of visions that Sundar Singh had.
  19. At the Master's Feet by Sundar Singh
  20. A Book to Perk up Your Spiritual Appetite! Each of these 48 messages are two pages or less.
  21. Visions of Marietta Davis - Part 1
  22. Visions of Marietta Davis - Part 2
  23. Visions of Marietta Davis - Part 3

Some Short Writings

The following are 12 pages each   (10)

  1. Prosperity & Poverty
  2. A Father in the Making -- Patrick Kaveny
  3. Three Angels Visit Vincent Tan in Tennessee 
  4. The Hordes of Hell Are Marching by Rick Joyner
  5. A revival in  Olmos Prison [13 pages]
  6. Nagaland, India
  7. Sixteen Reports from Nepal
  8. Bread for the Bride by Cheryl McGrath
  9. How did the early church handle church money?
  10. Draw Near to God & High-Level Temptations

The following are 8 pages each (15)

  1.  The Life Story Of The Prophet Paul Cain
  2. Are You Plagued by Evil Thoughts?
  3. JustOne Roar of the Lion
  4. Religion To Truth and Life!
  5. A prisoner raising the dead?Bobby Horne
  6. Ignacio “Nacho” Ortegaforgave his enemy (+ Spanish)
  7. The Five Angels of the Continents – Samuel Doctorian
  8. George Washington’s Vision[7 pages]
  9. A Buddhist Monk Raised from the Dead
  10. Showdown With Witchcraft  – Thomas Muthee
  11. A 15-year-old Margaret has a vision of Jesus’ coming
  12. It is Time to Dance by Julie Meyer
  13. Ansonrescued women from sexual slavery
  14. From Prostitute To Prophet
  15. The Harness of the Lord

The Following are 4 Pages   (25)

  1. Startling Miracles in Eldoret, Kenya, East Africa
  2. Vision of the Cross by Christine DeChaine
  3. 40 Jewish Rabbis Turn to Yeshua [Jesus] in Jerusalem
  4. Two Jewish Prophets brought out some heart- wrenching truths.
  5. Does the Devil Have Any Power?
  6. God told Dr. Pete, “I want you to win 100 million souls for me”.
  7. Sherry Jean prayed: “You know, Lord, we ought to just sue the devil”.
  8. Battlefield Report  from Women's Prison
  9. Only Through Jesus – No Man Comes to the Father Except Through Me
  10. Preparing for a Time of Tribulation/Terror Persecution
  11. The Prison Chaplain Was an Armed Robber – Richard Howell
  12. Is The 3rd World War the same as The Great Tribulation?
  13. A Prophecy by Jane Leade
  14. An illiterate 11-year-old Russian boy prophesied things in the distant future
  15. Why Do You Want Me to Come? by Darin Wilcox
  16. Two Young Chinese Ladies Hear from God
  17. A Divine Visitation in Algeria
  18. The Remnant Theology
  19. Ana Mendez – Former Voodoo Witch
  20. Perfect  Love   by Y.M. Tikkun
  21. Lynda Prince – Native American Indian
  22. From Anna Rountree's book –The Priestly Bride
  23. Testimony: Sandi Fatow, $100-a-day heroin main-liner. Saved 1970. Today she is a pastor's wife.
  24. My Beloved Enemy
  25. Washington & Moses

The Following are 1 or 2 Pages   (7)

  1. Why Did God Create Adam and Eve? by Mr. James
  2. Doing Greater Works Than Jesus Did
  3. Founding Fathers
  4. Jesus in the Quran
  5. A Higher Level in God
  6. The Tithe of the Third Year
  7. Ruling Among Our Enemies